Filming has started on BBC Two’s critically acclaimed drama The Last Kingdom, from Carnival Films. The second series, adapted by BAFTA-nominated and RTS award-winning writer Stephen Butchard from Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling series of novels, is to return to BBC Two next year, with Netflix joining as a co-production partner. The emotionally complex and compelling landscape of revenge, rivalry, hostility, corruption, love, sex, loyalty and friendship, forms the backdrop to a gripping adventure based on Cornwell's novels, The Lords Of The North and Sword Song – part of the hugely popular bestselling franchise The Last Kingdom. Set in the year 878, the second series returns as fearless and instinctive warrior Uhtred continues his fight for his native land of Northumbria. Uhtred, having given his sword to King Alfred, despite his upbringing by the invading pagan Danes, embarks on his voyage north to reclaim his own fate: to avenge Earl Ragnar’s death and recapture his ancestral lands of Bebbanburg. Alfred’s conviction to create a united England is stronger than ever, and he sets his sights on the wild lands of the north, which have fallen into chaos and rebellion. It is a dangerous time for Saxon and Dane alike, but Alfred champions a new king - a Christian Dane - to unite the tribes. However, this king has been enslaved, and Uhtred becomes embroiled in a rescue mission, which brings him face to face with an enemy of old.

孤国春秋 第二季是由彼得·霍尔执导,大卫·道森,亚历山大·德雷蒙,托拜厄斯·桑特尔曼,米莉·布拉迪主演的美剧,在2017年上映播出,九九电影网提供了孤国春秋 第二季在线观看,并且还可以支持手机看,不需要下载播放器,方便广大影迷。